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Navigating the on-demand Health & Lifestyle Universe Together.

Simplifying the marketplace so you don't get lost in it.

Discover the latest & best Health & Wellbeing Providers. 

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Your lifestyle goals. Your ambition. Your interest.
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Own your future. Be you. 
Start you journey with SPACE.

Discover the great ways to help you manage your condition and coordinate treatment. Access GPs and get support for medications.

Personalised home health, DNA and Lifestyle testing. Monitor what's happening inside to improve health, nutrition and performance.

Support your mental health, emotional wellbeing and mindfulness. Get advice on the best ways to mediate, improve sleep, recover and focus. 
Discover the class for you. Live or on-demand. Home equipment or simply track your fitness. From cardio to yoga. 

Support and help to inspire healthy eating. Understand your gut and improve your energy, shape and wellbeing. 

Tips, advice, reviews and insight for your health, wellbeing & longevity.

Shop direct the products and brands that help you on your journey.

Why we founded SPACE!


our Vision

To empower every person in the world by putting you at the centre of the Health, Wellbeing and Longevity digital & tech SPACE.

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Empower. Knowledge. Choices.

The current health & wellbeing world is impossible to navigate. The benefits to stay healthy or get better are out of reach for so many. We didn't want the world to make the same mistake twice in the virtual & tech world too!

Tech - Digital - Virtual

On-demand * Live * Chat * Message * Telephone * Video * Apps * At-Home

There are now so many amazing ways to help people with their Health, Wellbeing & Longevity digitally delivered to us via SPACE, it has already becoming a complex maze which is really hard to navigate. 


This is why we founded SPACe

We wanted to take our passion to make the world a better place and help people, creating something for you to easily discover all the things that make you you all in one place. Putting you in control, empowering you, your friends and family.

Your Gateway to Health, Wellbeing & Longevity

David & Chanel



Putting you at the centre of the Health & Wellbeing digital SPACE



The power of everything in one place for everyone in the world to easily access



Discover what's important to you, your friends and family 




 We only recommend what we trust so that you trust us  



Quick and easy to compare giving you more time to do want you want to do



You are amazing and we want to celebrate it

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We are discovering better ways to help people everyday so we can help you discover what's important to you.

Become a partner.

Share your services, knowledge, passion or products. 

Invest in us and we will help others invest in their lives.

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