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Perspective in Health and Wellness

Don’t you wish that being healthy was easy? That you could do all the things you love, without suffering the consequences. What if I told you that you could? All you needed to change was your perspective? I may be oversimplifying things I realise, although I believe in the power of your mind, to help improve health and in this article, I will share why.

Knowledge is power

We live in a world of information overload, especially when it comes to health. I know for some the frustration in opinion changes, and contrasting advice from health experts make them give up on their health entirely. The truth is your health is different to mine, as we have different genetics, environments and upbrings, and as a result, a one size fits all approach, doesn’t work when it comes to health. That’s why the best thing for you to do is learn about yourself and explore what foods and lifestyles are best for you.

You probably already know eating a wholefood diet with plenty of healthy fats, good quality protein, and an abundance of vegetables is good for you. However, do you know the specific foods that trigger a reaction for you, or whether you may be more susceptible to certain nutritional deficiencies? Having adverse events in your life may have rewired your response to stress so that you have less tolerance for it than other people. There are lots more you can learn about yourself as well. Listen to your body - it does try to give you signs when things are amiss.

With this knowledge, you will start to understand where you need support both nutritionally and from a lifestyle perspective. This understanding of yourself will help you feel empowered to start making positive decisions for your health.

Manifestations of your Mindset

Intriguingly, the way you think about yourself and your state of mind, beliefs, and attitude can create a change in your physiological state. Healing through the mind-body connection has been understood since Greek ancient medicine, so focusing on nourishing your mindset, is vital to better health and longevity and preventing chronic illness.

Studies have shown that negative thoughts, anger, and bitterness can suppress the immune system. As a result, it is not prepared to protect you against infection and may malfunction, leading to autoimmune disease. By breaking free from harmful thinking and changing your perspective, you are putting yourself in the best place possible to be at your best.

Food and mood are intrinsically linked, and only by nurturing both, can you truly overcome a gloomy outlook. I struggled from fluctuating emotions for years, reasoning that it related to my thinking alone. However, when I removed trigger foods, such as gluten, from my diet, my mindset started to improve on its own. I then worked on my perspective and emotional health without this food-related blocker in the way.

Faith in Yourself

If you don’t believe in your mind that you can better your health, your body won’t either. You have to have faith in what you are doing, to take strides in your health and wellness. Without trusting the choices you make in your diet and lifestyle, you are more likely to go back to your old ways (and potentially bad habits).

The pursuit of health is an on-going one, and it may take time for you to achieve your goals, but if you stick with it and carry on progressing, you will get there. I see many people fall off the wagon and give up as they didn’t meet their personal goals, and never get back on. This way of thinking is unhelpful. Focusing on progress over perfection and knowing that you can regain your health is the worthiest approach, ultimately with you succeeding.

If there is one thing for you to take away from this, it is to know that the person who holds the most power to change your health is you! I know I searched for answers to understand my health problems for years, and it was when I realised that I held the real key to unlock better health for myself that I began to see meaningful improvements in my health.

If you are looking for ways to improve your health, the best first step is to work with a qualified health professional to explore your health and personal needs. From there, you can tailor your approach to diet and lifestyle, to one that works for you.

Meet Victoria the author

Victoria Hamilton, The Autoimmunity Nutritionist

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